Roger T. Creager
Winner of the Prestigious
VTLA Courageous Advocate Award
Founder of Virginia Trial Lawyers
Appellate Section
Practice Focused on Working
With Other Lawyers; Co-Counsel,
Consultation, Research, Briefing
and Post Trial
Experience With
Major Personal Injury Cases

Virginia Co-Counsel, Consultation, Research Lawyer

During his 35-year-legal career, Mr. Creager has acquired extensive knowledge, experience, research materials, and legal brief archives regarding a broad array of issues that may arise during the discovery, pretrial, trial, post-trial, and appeal stages of serious personal injury cases. He has published many articles on issues of Virginia law. See Mr. Creager’s Curriculum Vitae. He spent 10 years of his career at the National Legal Research Group in Charlottesville, Virginia, assisting other attorneys with legal research and briefing of issues arising in litigated cases throughout the country. Many of the leading personal injury attorneys in Virginia have involved him as co-counsel or as a consultant on serious personal injury cases. Mr. Creager also provides research assistance to other attorneys with respect to particular legal, trial practice, and procedural issues that arise in their cases regarding demurrers, discovery disputes, motions in limine, evidentiary issues, jury instructions, motions for summary judgment, and many other matters. Attorneys who would like to discuss a case or a legal issue with Mr. Creager may reach him at 804-405-1450 (cell phone) or by e-mail to