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Rules of the Virginia Supreme Court Addressing Discovery of Electronically-Stored Information

For the past two years, Roger T. Creager has served as Chair of the Boyd-Graves Conference Subcommittee Regarding Discovery of Electronically-Stored Information. Proposed changes to the Rules of the Virginia Supreme Court which specifically address discovery of electronically-stored information are currently pending for consideration by the Supreme Court of Virginia.

The Court is expected to consider the proposed changes at its next business meeting in September 2008 or thereafter in the Fall 2008. A summary of the status of the proposed changes has been prepared by Mr. Creager together with Exhibit A thereto, which contains the language of the proposed changes as they stood in October 2007 as promulgated by the Virginia Supreme Court’s Advisory Committee on Rules of Court. The proposed changes have been further revised since October 2007, and those further revisions are indicated in the summary prepared by Mr. Creager.