Roger T. Creager
Winner of the Prestigious
VTLA Courageous Advocate Award
Founder of Virginia Trial Lawyers
Appellate Section
Practice Focused on Working
With Other Lawyers; Co-Counsel,
Consultation, Research, Briefing
and Post Trial
Experience With
Major Personal Injury Cases

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Roger T. Creager of The Creager Law Firm, PLLC Plaintiff’s Counsel for Serious Personal Injury Cases - Providing Consultation and Serving as Co-Counsel at the Pretrial, Trial, Post-Trial, and Appellate Stages

A primary focus of Mr. Creager’s legal career has been providing consultation to and serving as co-counsel assisting other attorneys in serious personal injury cases at the pretrial, trial, post-trial, and appellate stages.

Serious Personal Injury Cases Involve Special Challenges

Every personal injury case involves many of the same basic components. Plaintiff’s counsel must prove how and why the harmful event occurred, and must show that some person or entity is legally liable for the injury. Plaintiff’s counsel also must prove the injuries, harm, and damages the plaintiff has suffered. Serious personal injury cases, however, involve special challenges. For example, if a truck crash has caused the plaintiff to sustain a brain injury resulting in lifetime impairments, the trucking company and its insurance carrier might well face liability exposure of millions of dollars. The trucking company and its carrier will fight a major case with specially-retained experts on liability and damages, objections to discovery, pretrial motions in limine and many other methods. In such cases, it is often important to involve at the pretrial, trial, post-trial, and appellate level an attorney who has many years of extensive knowledge and experience with some of the most serious personal injury cases litigated in Virginia.

Roger T. Creager Has Many Years of Experience in Major Personal Injury Cases at All Stages
  • Pretrial Discovery and Motions
  • Trial
  • Post-Trial Motions
  • Appeals
Practice Areas

The Creager Law Firm, PLLC was formed by Roger T. Creager on March 1, 2008. The firm concentrates its practice in serious personal injury cases (including truck, car, and motorcycle accidents, slip-and-fall cases and other property accidents, and traumatic brain injury cases), appeals, and insurance coverage issues. The firm is available for representation of personal injury clients and also for consultation, association, and referral with other attorneys on their serious personal injury cases in Virginia.


Roger Creager has over thirty-five years of experience as an attorney in Virginia. He brings a breadth of education and experience to The Creager Law Firm. He graduated in 1972 from Handley High School in Winchester, in 1976 from The College of William and Mary, and in 1982 from the prestigious University of Virginia School of Law (with honors). He served on the University of Virginia Law Review.


Roger Creager has decades of experience in the representation of personal injury clients in both state and federal courts in Virginia. He has repeatedly been listed in the Virginia Lawyers Weekly’s annual list of attorneys achieving the largest settlements and verdicts in Virginia. Handling major personal injury cases involves many skills and abilities.


Major settlements are achieved only by thorough trial preparation, including carefully thought-out discovery requests and discovery planning, motions to overrule defense discovery objections, motions challenging evasive and insufficient defense discovery responses, extensive and targeted questioning in depositions, and pretrial motions in limine seeking rulings on key issues that will arise at trial. Insurance carriers are unlikely to pay a fair amount to settle a case unless they are satisfied that plaintiff’s counsel has done pretrial work which positions the case for a major recovery at trial. Mr. Creager has extensive experience in pretrial development and trial preparation in serious cases.


Trials involve many issues that can easily be overlooked by lawyers of limited experience. A favorable verdict must not only be won, it must be won in a manner which is free of reversible error. If the trial court, for example, allows the plaintiff to introduce an exhibit that is inadmissible under Virginia evidence law, a hard-won verdict awarding the Plaintiff large damages may become worthless on appeal. Similarly, a single erroneous jury instruction can result in the verdict being set aside. Mr. Creager has over 35 years of experience with the vast array of issues that can arise at trial.

Federal Court

Many Virginia lawyers who handle personal injury cases spend the vast majority of their time in the state courts of Virginia. In the federal courts in Virginia, the proceedings are governed by an entirely different set of procedural rules (the Federal Code of Civil Procedure) and an entirely different set of evidence rules (the Federal Rules of Evidence). Many Virginia trial lawyers have only limited experience with the federal rules. Mr. Creager has extensive knowledge and experience with the federal rules, and often serves as co-counsel to provide assistance in this regard.


Before a plaintiff can recover any money on a jury verdict, the verdict must first be reduced to judgment. Any jury verdict can be challenged in a post-trial motion prior to entry of judgment. To achieve a strong recovery in a serious personal injury case therefore often requires high-quality legal work not only pretrial and at trial, but also on any post-trial motions. Mr. Creager has been associated by other lawyers to serve as post-trial counsel on many major personal injury cases.


An attorney who has experience with appeals brings special knowledge and insights to the handling of a serious personal injury case at the pretrial, trial, and post-trial stages. For example, handling a case properly at trial requires knowledge of what issues should perhaps be preserved for appeal and what steps are required to make the necessary record for appeal. Mr. Creager has many years of experience handling appeals in Virginia.

Insurance Coverage Issues

Another key factor in obtaining compensation for serious injuries is understanding and researching insurance coverage issues. Mr. Creager also has extensive experience with insurance coverage issues.

More detailed information about Mr. Creager’s qualifications and experience is contained in his Curriculum Vitae.

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